Recover Novell Data - Novell Data Recovery

Recover and restore data instantly from Novell hard drives

Our recommended Novell Data Recovery Software tool to recover and restore corrupt or damaged Novell Server. Novell Data Recovery Software recover deleted data instantly from novell hard disk.

Software allows you to recover critically important documents, or other files, which have been lost by accidental deletion. These files may be lost by virus attacks, bad sectors, format hard drives and so on…


Novell Data Recovery Software also recover deleted novell partitions or volumes and restore almost all the data in a new readable hard drive.

We provide recovery for Novell system which has suffered any one of the following

  • Partition table destroyed
  • Corrupted Hot fix tables
  • Missing Mirror tables or volume tables
  • Corrupted FAT or DTE
  • Volumes deleted
  • Damaged compressed volumes

Types of Novell Partitions or Novell Volumes: There are two types of Novell volumes are available in market.

  1. Novell Traditional Volume (NWFS & Net386)
  2. Novell NSS (Novell Storage System) Volume

Novell Traditional Volume : - Get Back Data recommends Novell data recovery software to get back data from Novell tradition volumes or file system such as NWFS & Net386.

Novell NSS Volume: - Our recommended Novell NSS recovery software to get back data from Novell NSS volume or Novell NSS partitions.

System Requirements

  • Runs only on Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/ Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM. (128 MB or more recommended)
  • At least 5 MB of disk space
  • Additional media to save recovered data.
  • Damaged drive must be physically functional. It should be at least detected by BIOS. Multiple bad sectors can be handled (but the data they contained is lost forever), but controller failures are beyond any software repair.

Supported File Systems:

  • NWFS, Net386 File System