ReiserFS Data Recovery- Linux Data Recovery Too

Get Back Deleted Linux Data from Corrupt or Damaged Linux Hard Drives

Reiserfs - revolutionary new approach to file system design which stores not just filenames but the files themselves in a B*-tree. It is a generation ahead of alternatives which use older plain B-tree technology, and cannot store the files themselves in the tree. Reiserfs doesn’t suffer from log congestion either, you can effectively use it for quickly creating a 100,000 entry directory, and it is fairly unique in that.


System Requirment

  • Recover Data for ReiserFS (Linux Platform) - All flavours of Linux which supports ReiserFS file system.
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM. (128 MB or more recommended)
  • At least 5 MB of disk space
  • Additional media to save recovered data.
  • Damaged drive must be physically functional. It should be at least detected by BIOS. Multiple bad sectors can be handled (but the data they contained is lost forever), but controller failures are beyond any software repair.

File System Supported

  • ReiserFS File System