SienteTV for Android TV


SienteTV for Android TV and Fire TV allows you to watch TV channels, recordings and EPG. You can directly install this application from your default app store and get access to TV channels. Simple and easy to use TV Streaming application.


Television has kept us company throughout the years since its invention. With all of the entertainment on TV, you never really feel the time pass by. You also get the ability to calm and relax yourself after a ling and exhausting day or week of work or school by simply watching all of your favorite comfort shows on TV. With the development of technology, TV doesn’t even have to be only on your wide screen at home anymore. it can be simply installed to any of your smart devices and be watched form wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, even on the go.

With all of the features available all you need is an app that does the task and an intent connection, and you are ready to go! If you are looking for a platform that does all of this without even having to bat an eyelid, Siente TV is exactly what you have been looking for. The app just has to be downloaded on your smart device and you can enjoy all of the content available on the app at ease. The features on it will also make you feel like you’re having the best watching experience ever!

Features of SienteTV App

The app focuses on the customer and allows all of them to enjoy TV at the comfort of their very own fingertips on their smartphone or tablet from wherever they are. All you got to do is install the app and get yourself a valid subscription to enjoy all of its content at the ease of your hands. The app also offers many other features apart from all of the amazing and exciting content it streams.

It offers you a wide range of channels to choose from that can be broadcasted at any given time of the day so that you will never have a single dull moment while you spend your leisure time, or even just to find a way to get though the day or boredom. You can also playback all of your favorite shows and programs at any time if you have missed them during the previous days. This way, you never have to miss out and you will always be on track following your favorites all the time! The app also offers the EPG feature that gives you the complete guide for programs and also what the channels will broadcast for the upcoming days. Thus way, you can plan your day well ahead at ease.

Siente TV indeed offers only what is the best for all its customers at all times. You can also get together with your friends and family for the best watching experience and enjoy all of the content on Siente TV. Never miss out now that you have Siente TV. Catch-up, plan ahead, and also enjoy a wide range of channels with your favorite Movies, TV shows, news, sports, and many others. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some good TV thanks to Siente TV, the best out there.

Install SienteTV on Android TV and Fire TV

You can easily download and install this application from Google play store or Amazon app store. There are many other alternatives on third-party TV app stores like Aptoide TV, Applinked, Filesynced and unlinked. You can try those app stores to find new movies and TV shows applications. Follow below mention procedure to install this application on your Android TV. First open Google play store application. Then go to search and type “sienteTV”. You will see this application on search results. Select it. Now select “Install” like on below picture to install this application on your Android TV.