Benefits Of Using Email Validation Software In Your Business


Do you know that over five billion email addresses are in operation today? This fact is enough to make or break your campaign as an email marketer. It can make your day by opening your eyes to a whole new perspective of the email marketing business. On the other hand, it may break your day because you’re limited in reaching out to this massive emailing market.

Limitations In Email Marketing 

Due to the massive emailing market, email marketing has become the most efficient and cost-effective means of advertising for any business. It helps you grow your client base while comfortably selling your products and services. Although email marketing can be efficient, it does have some limitations.

One limitation is dealing with invalid email addresses on your subscriber list. These invalid addresses increase your return rate and reduce your ISP score. The good news is that software is available to validate every email on your subscription list. Below are the benefits of this email validation software for your business’s growth.

Benefits Of Email Validation Software To Your Campaign 

Here is what you stand to gain from using email validators in your company’s marketing campaign:

It Reduces Your Bounce Rate

With a good email checker, you can effectively reduce or eliminate the bouncing of your emails. For your business, this is great because it saves you a lot of time and money in managing your advertising campaign. When using good email verification software, you have a 99% assurance of working with valid addresses. What this 99% assurance does is that it increases your ISP score and the chances of your emails going straight to your leads’ inbox rather than the spam box. Aside from checking the validity of the users, the software also checks in real-time if the email users are active.

It Increases Client Engagement

Having a high callback rate is directly linked to working with a validated emailing list. The logic behind this relationship is that the more verified and active email addresses that receive your messages, the better your chances of getting responses. Through these responses, you can build long-term relationships with your clients by offering solutions to their problems. This validated emailing list can only be obtained by using good verification software.

It Eliminates Your Risk Of Getting Spam Flagged 

One of the biggest fears of any email marketer is having their emails flagged as spam. This single act can damage any business marketing campaign and affect its growth. To avoid being flagged as spam, you must achieve less than 2% spam complaints on every 10,000 emails you send. You need email validation software to identify users who regularly and randomly file spam complaints to achieve this. This data allows you to eliminate these email addresses and optimize your campaign by sending emails to those most likely to read your messages.

Bottom Line 

To improve your business’s email advertising strategy, you need the services of a good email verification software. This software will help reduce bounce rates, increase your sender’s reputation, and promote client engagement. This will lead to better sales and profit for your business.