How does privnote put you in charge of your private conversations?


Have you ever wanted to send a private text message or note that self-destructs after it’s read? Privnote gives you the ability to do just that. With Privnote, you are in full control over who can view your messages and for how long. Unlike normal text messages or emails, Privnote messages cannot be forwarded, copied, or stored without your permission. It prevents the recipient from sharing your message with others if you intended it to be private.

Creating a privnote

what is private message? To start, you go to the Privnote website and type or paste your text into the message box. You write up to 1,000 words per note. Once your message is ready, you generate a unique URL for that note by copying it. This URL acts as the key for opening the message. You then send this one-time URL to the intended recipient – for example, by pasting it in an email or text. Only someone with that unique URL can open the note.

Reading a privnote

When your recipient clicks the Privnote URL, their web browser opens the message. They read your note in full and even print or download it if needed. Once the note is closed, the message disappears permanently from Privnote’s servers. The URL also expires, so you can’t reopen the note later. It keeps your communication private and temporary without the recipient having to sign up for an account.

Customizing self-destruct options

One of Privnote’s key features is that you control when and how your notes disappear. By default, notes self-destruct when closed by the recipient. You customize this in the following ways.

  • Set an expiration time. Choose 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month before the note expires regardless of being opened.
  • Enable password protection. Require your recipient to enter a password you specify to view the note.
  • Disable printing and downloading. Prevent the recipient from saving or copying the message if you want it viewable but not stored.
  • Allow recall. Let yourself delete the message remotely if you change your mind about sending it.

These options ensure your Privnotes last only as long as necessary. You decide how accessible and permanent each message can be.

Extra privacy measures

Without needing usernames or passwords, you have no profile or data tied to you. Privnote does not record or store messages, URLs, or access data in any way. Connections use SSL encryption to protect notes in transit. Privnote’s software is transparent and open to review by security researchers. Together, these practices limit Privnote’s access to your conversations and minimize risks. A quick, casual conversation, Privnote may be safer than texting or emailing. The peace of mind that your message stays strictly between you and the recipient can be invaluable.

Privnote gives you control

In a world where texts, emails, and chats tend to stick around forever, Privnote enables more prudent sharing. With extensive options to limit access and permanence, you stay in charge of your private discussions. Try Privnote the next time you need to send information or have a conversation you want to evaporate after the fact. In just a few clicks, you have end-to-end encrypted communications with built-in expiration to maintain discretion.