Things to consider while hiring the best law firm seo agency


As a lawyer and business owner, you may receive dozens of calls and emails from regular marketing companies looking to sell SEO services to your law firm. Many people promise results that will impress you. But there is little experience in legal marketing to prove it. They soon learned after marketing in other industries that marketing for law firms was a completely different challenge. The law firm seo agency chris palmer marketing seo for lawyers will help your site compete with dozens of law firms for the top spot in the Google SERPs. 

View their track record:

The first thing you will want to look for is results. As you know, the legal industry is highly competitive. SEO law firms are no exception. You need to be sure that the SEO law firm you choose can deliver the desired results. Any agency you are looking at should have a few clients ranked on the first page of the Google SERPs, not just one.

Most professional SEO companies are happy to share their report cards. Each division will have its own policy on portfolio division. 

Check the number of customers currently available:

When researching agencies, Look for the number of customers you currently have. Usually, their portfolio gives an idea of their current clients. The portfolio provides valuable insights about the organization:

  • Law Firm SEO Practices
  • diversity of customers
  • group experience

When you look at their portfolio, see if they have worked with clients from your legal group. If you are looking to get started, do some due diligence and learn more about SEO for law firms.

Talk to their customers:

You don’t need any agency based on words, no matter what results you see. One of the good ideas to talk to current and existing customers whenever possible, this will make you understand the agency’s SEO practices, company culture, value system, and team, among other things.

Check if they offer custom SEO services for law firms:

When it comes to SEO law firms, customization is essential, as no two projects are the same. Each law firm has different SEO requirements. The agency should be willing to create an SEO strategy that best fits your needs.

Remember, there is no professional SEO agency for a law firm that will promise your company to rank #1 for a keyword or set of keywords overnight. Before hiring you must make sure the agency understands and willing to go the extra mile to improve your online presence.

You should be straightforward and clear about your SEO needs, including discussing the keywords you want to target, Optimizing your website’s current site, and details of your existing SEO strategy.