The best lens for event photography


Many stock photographers shooting event photography ask for the best lens. The best lens for event photography depends on the kind of event they’re shooting and also on the need of the user and how close they can get to the subject/action. The need for the right lens will have to be based on those parameters. Many event photographers shoot stock photos. Some also shoot event photos and then sell them to interested users. The choice of the right lens is of paramount importance for them.

What is the best lens for event photography?

Let’s discuss a few options. Let’s first discuss the 24-70mm.

Multiple lens brands make this focal length in different apertures and for different mounts. This is a very popular and commonly used focal length range. The lens roughly offers an angle of view of 84 to 34 degrees (slight differences based on the mount). That means this offers a relatively large angle of view when used at its widest focal length. 

You cannot shoot event photography and not try to capture the vibe of the event at the same time. This becomes a necessary aspect of covering an event. The wide-angle aspect of the lens ensures that it’s easier to capture the place’s vibe.

Additionally, the 70mm focal length allows the photographer to get close to where the action is. Probably not as much as the 70-200mm does, but still close. The 70mm is a remarkably decent focal length for closeup portraits and profile shots.

The second lens that I recommend is 70-200mm. If you’re using two cameras, mounting one with 24-70mm and the other with 70-200mm is an excellent way to ensure a smooth transition from 24mm to 200mm. You can also get the 70-200mm with the f/2.8 option. For both the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm, the f/2.8 option is the best because this aperture allows a lot of light to be collected by the lens.

The 70-200mm allows you to get closer to the action. This lens is better suited for capturing photos of performers and artists who might be towards the back of the stage. The 70-200mm covers all the focal lengths ideal for portrait photography – 85mm, 105mm, and 135mm. This lens is excellent for shooting events such as birthdays, parties, and get-togethers. You can easily capture stunning portraits using this lens. 

The 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses complement each other perfectly and are great options for shooting event photography.