Tricks for Using Pre Movers Data to Boost Your Marketing Campaign


We can all agree that more than fifteen percent of US residents yearly decide to relocate to another area. The constant life changes are the perfect opportunity for companies, advertisers, and marketing professionals to promote services and products to handle high demand easily. 

You should know that generally, customers are more likely to create loyalty and trust in specific companies than change them all the time. You should reach them and create a campaign to set you apart from competitors. 

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Of course, you must implement challenging marketing efforts to get people to change their habits, which is why you should try to choose people who are not customers yet. New movers marketing is the easiest way to target people who recently changed their addresses and moved to your area; therefore, they have not become customers in the town you operate. 

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately twenty-seven million people move from state to state yearly. Therefore, they need a new hair salon, car mechanic, dentist, and many more. At the same time, they wish to find excellent restaurants, meaning you should find ways to stand out from competitors. 

That way, you can ensure that new customers get familiar with your business as soon as they reach your area. The best course of action is to reach them pre-move, but you can also do it during the first three months. 

Tips for Reaching New Movers 

You should know that one of the most straightforward and efficient ways to reach new movers is by using direct mail marketing. Numerous US businesses have been using direct mail to reach customers in the last hundred years, meaning an offer can help you increase your brand’s awareness and ensure they learn more about you. 

Using mass mailings has been an effective option that eventually gave results. The wider net you create, the more people you will get. However, technological advancements created a chance to ultimately target the audience based on specific demographics and characteristics, providing you with the same efficiency for a lower price tag. 

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For example, if you own a daycare, the main idea is to target families with children because sending mail to those that do not have it is a waste of money and time. Besides, if you own a chimney repair and cleaning business, you should choose people who own fireplaces and not others. 

Still, direct mail is just a piece of your new mover marketing strategy. It would be best to use it to boost your redemption rate, but combining it with targeted digital ads is the best way to reach your goals. 

Mailings can also increase the chances of people visiting your website and learning more about you. Therefore, you can implement QR codes people can scan to help them get more info about your business and engage with you on social media channels. 

Another effective technology you can use to reach more people and increase overall awareness is by taking advantage of the USPS Informed Delivery service. That way, residents can obtain a digital preview in direct mail before it arrives in a physical mailbox. 

Social media is an effective marketing tool, especially if you want to engage directly with potential customers. According to numerous reports, more than seventy percent of US citizens use social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. They use it to share information and get the latest news, which you can exploit. 

Therefore, if users get an offer in the mail and notice you on social media through search engine search, they are more likely to try your business out, which is vital to remember. 

Since the technology will continue to evolve, the latest new mover marketing will offer businesses high-targeted data, meaning you can cut marketing expenses and reach potential audiences without additional problems.

Moving phases are essential for understanding the type of message you should send. Therefore, pre-mover purchases include home warranties, cable services, home insurance, home improvement tools, moving services, products, and many more. 

Generally, eighty-five percent of pre-movers will use the first vendor that contacts them through various communication means. It does not matter whether they are satisfied with the current provider because a new area requires new rules and brands. At the same time, more than seventy percent of spending decisions people make before relocating.

When a family relocates to a new home, they will change the requirements and needs of products and services. Therefore, new movers who enter a house are more likely to purchase a car within the first year. You should consider additional factors to help you determine the best course of action.

  • Car repair shops and dealers state that new mover marketing increased their efficiency and number of customers. They can implement welcoming packages, which are highly popular and inviting. 
  • Several dealers and repair shops generate significant monthly response rates using new mover marketing strategies. The number reached a twelve percent increase, significantly boosting overall profit. 
  • Car-focused offers with additional benefits or discounts, such as “one free car were” or “one free oil change, ” are among the most effective and best-performing offers you can make. 


As you can see, consumers engage and shop after finding different companies and brands through numerous marketing channels. For instance, direct mail is an effective option for reaching them, especially since their mailboxes are generally empty.

You can add discounts and coupons from merchants by using direct mail, which will help you send freebies and other exciting and engaging hooks to increase your brand awareness.

At the same time, you can implement mobile coupons, meaning you can also use digital channels, which are highly effective and essential for sending proper messages. Still, you will need high-end data to help you reach potential customers without overspending on marketing requirements.