MilesWeb Review: Dedicated Hosting With Ultimate Power, Performance & Security


Are you looking for dedicated server hosting that offers you the resources to build a high-availability website? 

A dedicated hosting service gives your website the foundation to withstand high traffic volume and offers you 100% control over it. If your business grows to the point that you need to manage multiple websites and you are experiencing downtime, it may be the right time to upgrade to dedicated server hosting. 

This service is a significant upgrade from shared hosting because to have your server means that your website does not compete with any other websites 

traffic. We have gone through dozens of web hosting providers in the market and determined if they live up to their promise.

Before we take a glimpse at the dedicated hosting plans and features of MilesWeb, it is essential to understand what dedicated hosting means. 

What is Dedicated Server Hosting? 

Dedicated server hosting is a single hosting environment dedicated solely to the client’s website. It is an ideal choice if you want to lease an entire server for yourself. MilesWeb offers single-tenant physical servers for its dedicated server hosting, which means you will be the sole user of the machine. 

Their best dedicated server hosting in India are lightning-fast and powerful, that delivers the best speed, uptime and performance for hosting your websites and web applications. The servers are built-in SAS/SSD storage drives that have advanced Intel core processors incorporated within.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an India-based web hosting provider offering customized web hosting solutions such as shared hosting, cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting, best linux vps hosting India, reseller hosting designed for all types of businesses, individuals &start-ups. 

Ranked amongst India’s topmost web hosting providers, MilesWeb has helped web-based businesses to enhance their online presence. Their focus lies in delivering solutions with best-in-class technology, high uptime and 24*7 technical support. MilesWeb is also best web hosting Malaysia.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb offers sixteen plans for dedicated server hosting. 

The high-performing dedicated server is the best option for your giant websites/applications. 

The resources range as follows: 

  • Memory ranging from 8GB to 256GB 
  • Storage ranging from 1TB SAS to 4*1.2TB SAS
  • Bandwidth ranging from 1TB to 5TB

The entry-level plan of dedicated server hosting starts at Rs.6,999 per month. The premium plan of dedicated server hosting costs Rs.46,999 per month.

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You can take the reference of the above image to know about the pricing of each dedicated server hosting plan. 

What are the Features of MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting? 

 Below are some of the noteworthy features of MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting. 

Indian-based Data Center Location 

When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you get to host in India based data center location, Mumbai. They use ultra-fast bare metal servers for dedicated hosting services. Mumbai is the prime location of the country and, it is the best option for business owners who have their target audience in the Indian subcontinent.

Uptime Guarantee 99.99%

MilesWeb guarantees 100% satisfaction and reliability with a service level agreement (SLA). With the dedicated hosting services of MilesWeb, they assure to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.  An uptime guarantee of 99.99% is one of the highest considering the industry standards. They give the assurance of uptime guarantee with the servers robust infrastructure,  maintenance and security protocols. 

SSH Root Access 

SSH (Secure Shell) is used to log in to the remote servers as root. MilesWeb grants you root access with every Linux dedicated server. With this, you have complete freedom and control to install web applications on the server. 

High Reliability 

You don’t have to share server resources with dedicated server hosting. Your bare metal server is reliable for your heavy-resource web applications. 

100% Dedicated Resources 

With dedicated server hosting, there is no sharing of resources. You get a completely isolated environment to yourself with 100% hardware resources dedicated. 

Unlimited Website Hosting 

MilesWeb does not give any restrictions on the websites that you want to host. They also allow you to move all your websites from shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting to a powerful dedicated server. 

Control Panel Choice 

MilesWeb offers a large range of control panels. You can choose from cPanel, Plesk, Webuzo control panels to manage your bare metal dedicated server. 

Choice of Operating Systems 

You can utilize MilesWeb’s dedicated server to install from a broad range of operating systems from which you can choose. You need to pick the operating system of your choice and tell them so; the setup is ready, and you can get started in just a few minutes. 

High Security 

You get a high level of privacy and security in a physically isolated environment. It excludes any risk from threats as the server is completely isolated from others. 

Powerful Servers 

The dedicated servers of MilesWeb are powered by high-grade hardware from Dell, Supermicro and HP. MilesWeb servers offer you the maximum speed and performance of your website. 

To Sum Up

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider to host your heavy resource website or application, you can consider opting for MilesWeb. With their dedicated hosting plans, you get a completely isolated environment, a 99.99% uptime guarantee and the best features to rule your mission-critical websites.