Should I Go with a Template Website or Use Customization?


For all the business owners, they need a website to sell their brand products online. But many will have their idea of how their website should be. If they are located anywhere in the United States, San Antonio website design companies play an efficient role in transforming the website ideas of these business people into reality. Some of these business people will know either they need to do it as a customized one or they just need a template to design their website. Here in this blog, we can see the pros and cons of building a customized website and a template-based website.

Why should you use a template website?

Template websites are great options for sole- entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, and startups who want their website to build up so fast and for those who are more conscious of the cost for building up a website. Some of the reasons to choose a template based designs are:

  • If you are a startup and you want to build your website sooner, then you should go for the template-based once.
  • If you are running out of the budget and you need to have a good looking website on your budget then you should opt for this kind of website.
  • If you don’t know coding it is better to have this kind of website, since we can edit it easily.
  • If you wish to have your website to be simple and minimalistic.

When you should avoid it?

Template sites have limitations to the visuals, navigation & functionality. Choosing a template that suits your entire requirement is necessary since many of them will feel frustrated if they don’t get things in a particular theme. So before you start these things do proper research on the templates and work on it.

Why should you use a custom website?

  • Some organizations wish to spend their time building their website customized according to their requirement. They will at least have six months to 1 year to have their website right.
  • As the timeline for building up the website is high, the cost of its production is also high. So building up a customized website requires a good budget.
  • When you prefer to be unique, then you need this kind of customization to have a perfect look.
  • When your site needs more complex functions and specialties.

When you should avoid it?

When you want your website quick and you have a minimum budget, then you should avoid using custom templates.

Bottom line:

We have shared some valuable points in this blog for you to decide on what kind of website you need to have for your business, but choosing a good potential web agency also matters in this. San Antonio website design companies have loads of potential to transform your requirements into a real website. Also most importantly get some ideas before you start pitching on to build your website.