Should You Use a Free Website for Your Business?


In a developing business sector, many folks would let anybody construct their website. The surest bet for optimum results has to be with paid developers like Webolutions web design company. With so many web designs accessible, a few free choices can be alluring while others are not even worth considering. Should you use a free website for your business? That is the question we intend to answer.


Wix is a well-known web design platform with both free and paid choices. Premium-based web designs that require payment, such as what Webolutions web design company offer, have substantially more progressed highlights and better features than free ones. Free plans ordinarily have various limits, including the size of your webpage, the capacity and data transmission, and the utilization of cutting-edge instruments for building a site.

By and large, you will not have the option to associate a custom space name, assuming that you go for a free web design. For instance, Wix’s free developer restricts you to a subdomain, which can look somewhat amateurish for a business site. Then again, moving up to a paid arrangement will empower you to interface a custom space.


In terms of performance, a free web design is extremely restricted when you compare it with the paid options. Diverse advanced installments are accessible for premium clients, which can be very disappointing when hoping to create an appealing business site. For instance, as a freebie, you will not have the option to add modules or custom code pieces to coordinate devices, even Google Analytics, which many would contend is fundamental for an effective site.


Most web designers have information bases that are available to all clients. The help administrations you approach will get, to a great extent, rely upon the web hosting/design you use, paid or free. Nonetheless, we can securely say that free developers (and free plans from paid stages) by and large have a lot more unsuccessful client support than the paid options.

Typically, free clients will approach a far-reaching information base, local area discussions where they exist, and, sometimes, email or telephone support.

Pricing and plans

Free web designs are, for the most part, 100 percent free, everlastingly. Well, at least until the domain owners say so. However, the cost of a paid membership can fluctuate from a couple of dollars each year to tens or even hundreds every month.

With regard to paid web designers, the Webolutions web design company offers probably one of the best incentives for cash plans we’ve seen. For a minimal amount, you can approach practically every one of the elements needed to assemble an excellent site, and the capacity to make a little online business store.