5 Aspects That Make Cloud Hosting Better than Dedicated Hosting


Traditionally websites were hosted on a single Dedicated Server but with the advent of newer hosting technologies, affordable hosting solutions like Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting became available to the users. With the advent of the cloud, Cloud Hosting entered the race and offered robust hosting features. Some features are comparable or even better than Dedicated Hosting. All this at a fraction of the cost of a Dedicated Server.

In this article, we explore the reasons why Cloud Server Hosting is better than Dedicated Hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud Hosting utilizes the cloud data storage principle in the hosting foray, where all the sensitive website data is stored on multiple servers that ensure high data redundancy, rather than on a single physical server as seen in Dedicated Hosting. 

In Cloud Hosting setup, if a server fails, the secondary server automatically takes over the task and data is seamlessly restored from the now-active server. Thus, the performance of your website remains unhampered, ensuring high uptime and data protection.

Reasons that make Cloud Hosting better than Dedicated Hosting

  1. Scalability: One of the major aspects where Cloud Hosting trumps Dedicated Hosting is the seamless scalability of hosting resources. Suppose you have an e-commerce website, and you are predicting a traffic surge during the season sale. Cloud Hosting will allow you to scale up your resources to accommodate the surge with a single click. In Dedicated Hosting, if you outgrow the resources of your server, you have to add an additional physical server to scale up the resources. Thus, Cloud Hosting eliminates the cumbersome process and makes scaling up seamless!
  2. Cost-efficiency:  As stated above, in Cloud Hosting resources can be scaled as per our requirement. Thus, you can start off with a base plan and keep adding the resources as and when necessary. When you buy Dedicated Hosting, you get the resources of the entire server, which may not be required for many websites. This results in you paying for resources you don’t use. Thus, Cloud Hosting is a great choice for businesses that run on a tight budget and are looking for cost-efficient hosting solutions.
  3. High uptime and availability: In traditional Dedicated Hosting, if the server fails, your site goes offline. But in the case of Cloud Hosting due to data mirroring your website never goes offline because if one server fails, your data is seamlessly restored from the secondary server, thereby eliminating downtime.
  4. Environment friendly: In Dedicated Hosting, one server houses only one website or user. However, Cloud Server Hosting entails multiple websites sharing the server resources. This ensures fewer data centres, which in turn results in lower energy consumption. Cloud Hosting also eliminates wastage of resources. Thus, Cloud Hosting is an environment-friendly solution.


As we can see that the advantages of Cloud Hosting are immense. Therefore, website owners who are looking for a cost-effective hosting solution for their dynamic websites should switch to Cloud Hosting to experience an enhancement in the performance of their site. Also, Cloud Hosting is touted to be the future, and it is recommended to adapt to better technology to remain afloat in the market and beat the competition.