Protect your data with a VPN


If you watch as many Youtube videos as we do, you will surely have seen that your favorite Youtubers have been sponsored by companies that offer VPNs. What is the VPN? What is its use? What is presently on the marketplace?

At a time when we devote increasingly time behind our screens, protecting our personal data is more than essential for safe surfing.


To put it simply, a VPN (or the virtual private network) is a kind of protection to protect against hacking. How does it work? Using safe and encoded connections, VPNs allow you to browse the internet anonymously by making a remote server from public network. They do this by masking the IP address to make all your activities undetectable.

In case you travel much or go shopping, the Wi-Fi offered to the public is very tempting, above all, do not use it! This is the open door for hackers. This is where VPN comes in: irrespective of what you complete online, you won’t have to concern about having your bank detail or password stolen.

When you browse the Internet, a VPN is able to hide any information that may expose your personal data: the browsing history, the IP address as well as your location, but also your location when you watch content, the devices and everything you do. Additionally, there is a feature that should be of interest to you if you watch OTT platforms a lot.


Did you go around Netflix during the lockdown? Is there a series that everyone is now talking about the online but you don’t have the access to it in your country? Dry the tears, as thanks to the VPN, you can geolocate yourself wherever in the globe.

Most VPNs will definitely show you a world map where you can select the private network of your choice. Conquer the American catalogues or even that of Japan! Depending on a country you choose, you will have access to series you have not ever heard of. On the other hand, don’t forget to activate the VPN before launching an application or your browser. It goes without saying that this little trick works with Disney + and Youtube.

On a more serious note, in case you are researching a specialized area online, but run out of information, try geolocation elsewhere. This will give you access to more studies and articles in the languages that ​​you know.

What to choose?

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SharkVPN, what to choose? Most of the services offer a 30-day free trials or a 2 or 3 year plan at a great price (keep an eye on your favorite videographers and their sponsors, you’ll get a bargain). In addition, you can protect a number of devices at same time: smartphones, computers, tablets.

There is everything on the market, the choice is yours according to your needs as well as the cost you are willing to pay to protect yourself. Some VPNs offer an easy-to-use interface, others more complex.

Finally, over the past few years, we have seen how susceptible the online privacy is without proper protection. This problem concerns even the largest companies which have been hacked since they had not invested the necessary means to ensure their protection. Let’s arm ourselves with a VPN and fight personal data theft.