How to Avoid Plagiarism in French?


Plagiarizing can spoil one’s career as a student for it is a serious offence. Most students cause plagiarism unintentionally or intentionally but it can be identified by teachers or professors at school or college. Plagiarism can be easily detected using a plagiarism checker, which compares a specific content with millions of webpages on the Internet.  

Introduction to Plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism, you should understand what is plagiarism. The very purpose of writing academic papers at universities is defeated if you plagiarize. Taking somebody’s words or ideas and using them voluntarily or involuntarily as your own, without citing appropriately, causes plagiarism. Educational institutions regard plagiarism as academic misconduct. 

The word plagiarism’s etymology is believed to have come from Latin and Greek words ‘Plagiarius’ and ‘Plagios’ respectively. It results when you fail to reference someone’s ideas, whether published or unpublished, after using them in your name. Plagiarism occurs in other languages too. Learning happens when one listens and repeats others. 

Academically students generally reproduce what they learned in exercises through memorization and also copying at primary and secondary levels of education. For this reason, students hardly understand the consequences of plagiarism, which can be simple warnings or serious ones like different legal sanctions. Those who commit academic plagiarism are penalized by giving low marks, failing them in courses, suspending them for a specific time period, and so on.   

Plagiarism and Different Languages 

Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable in any language. Using a relevant plagiarism checker, you can check for any duplicate content in French, as well as in several other languages. It processes languages that support UTF-8 encoding. You can therefore check any language like German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Korean, etc., using a compatible plagiarism detection tool. For instance, the significance of French plagiarism checker helps find the originality of a given content by comparing it with numerous websites, journals, academic papers and documents online.

These plagiarism detectors for multiple languages check for plagiarism in French from large databases to avoid accidental plagiarism in a student’s work. Multinational companies which have businesses across the world use the Internet to market their products or services. They need content appropriate to the language of the country and audience. Such marketing collateral should be free of any copied content, which affects their business by losing international market for their product. 

There are online plagiarism checkers that support several languages and offer access to various tools to compare documents and give a detailed report.   

Steps to Avoid Plagiarism

When it comes to avoiding plagiarism, the language hardly matters. Where you are writing a research paper in French, you can assure your text free of any duplicate content by checking of it using the best plagiarism detector. Given the situation, your writing needs to include several facts and figures, which may cause unintentional or accidental plagiarism. Nevertheless, you are required to keep the originality of your writing by avoiding plagiarism and it can be done in the following ways: 

  • Learn and understand what is plagiarism and its various forms and check whether your writing has any of them and you have dealt with those appropriately.
  • Give appropriate citation or credit to the original source if you use any words and phrases and paraphrase them. 
  • Have the quoted sentences or words in quotation marks and give proper citation.
  • Check for the required documentation style if your academic writing assignment requires you to use any of the styles such as APA, MLA or CMS. Understand and apply the documentation style invariably by referring journals particular to your discipline using similar citation styles.
  • Paraphrase the words and phrases of the original author in your own words after reading and understanding the text. Compare the text and change to bring improvements.
  • Avoid manipulating or misinterpreting any facts and figures, images or charts to match your writing task.
  • Provide proper acknowledgment to some information which you reproduced for it may not be common knowledge or axiomatic to others. For instance, Charlie Chaplin’s favorite food is not well-known but the years when the World War I & II is common knowledge. You have to cite the source in the former case and do not have to in the latter case.

You can thus check your academic work using a reliable plagiarism check and ensure free of plagiarism in French for submission.