Making the Most Out of ArchiverFS


As far as ArchiverFS is concerned, there are plenty of features and benefits that it is known to come up with. The software that is offered by MLTek is one of the best in the range as it provides for some exceptional range of products and services for one and all at one go. To get the best out of the software, one need to make use of the right kind of methods as well as mechanisms that it comes with and for this purpose, one need to know as to what it exactly offers for one and all when compared to other such software available in the market today. Check here to know more.

A best file storage system that matters

The best file archiving solution provides for necessary servers as well as network storage system that it best uses for making use of any device as well as second tier storage along with that of a small footprint in that of the host system overall. It also comes along with full support for DFS, replication, cloud, de-duplication, compression as well as other areas which includes archiving software and also lets one use any NAS, SAN or cloud platform as storage for that of old unstructured files. 

You can very well share it to that of the network with UNC path and also format it with that of NTFS and then can use it as a second line of storage as well. Not at any point, it uses a database for the purpose of storing files; file meta data as well as pointers to files. It is completely NTFS from the start to the end and can very well be used as a second-line storage. The ArchiverFS software was first released in the year 2002 and it is now known to come with a huge range of organizations worldwide and many of these are common names that we get to hear overall. 

Unique archiving solution with good backing

It definitely comes across as a unique file archiving solution amongst all for the purpose of network file storage; Windows file servers as well as SMB shares. When compared to that of other archiving products, it uses just normal NTFS files as well as folders from the start.

MLTek comes with that of a unique approach which makes ArchiverFS extremely scalable and immensely cost effective on the whole. It also provides users with the most cost effective method to archive old files in the best way and being able to migrate huge quantities of files over the network to second tier storage like that of NAS or SAN while also requiring only a very less footprint on the overall host system. It also enables one to migrate, store as well as end the life of old unstructured files from your storage system in a highly reliable and cost effective manner. This is also perfectly carried out in controlled manner as well, thereby helping one to tackle challenges like GDPR and Data Protection compliance to a great extent on the whole.

Frees up the much needed space on the first tier storage area

The lesser the kind of data that you get to store on the first tier storage, the longer would be the time that it would last. Many people do the mistake of going from least to high storage just for the purpose of being sure about it. Going down the lane, one can very well find that the data has gone far faster than that of any other that is expected and one needs to start looking for extra space for storage to come about. One can also bring down growth thereby extending the file system line as well. This ensures that the expensive first tier storage is perfectly used as per the needs and requirements. 

Cut costs spent on backups and other such services

It needs to be understood that old data does not change much as believed. Also, every time one does a full backup of the system, you will come about to backing up old static content as well. In case, old file is migrated to second line storage, one can very well back them up as frequently as possible which helps with saving costs to a great extent overall. 

Migrate old files to Amazon Glacier

When it comes to the aspect of migrate old files to Amazon Glacier, which comes across as the best in the online cloud computing sector, many of the services they offer comes under that of Glacier. It is specifically created for the purpose of offering cheap storage for cloud computing users and it also provides for the best value for money as well. It needs to be understood that businesses are looking to go for an attractive data storage facility that also turns out to be cheap to use.

One of the main issues is that one can mount an Amazon Glacier volume to a machine and share it to the network that is otherwise carried out with normal volume. In general sense, one can only move data to a Glacier volume through that of an API, the Amazon Console tools or through that of a storage and migration policy on that of an Amazon Storage Gateway. This makes it quite difficult to use Glacier to provide archive storage for an onsite file server as well. 

By way of working in perfect sync with that of Amazon Storage Gateway, ArchiverFS is the best in moving the old and outdated content flawlessly from the live file servers to an Amazon volume hosted on a Storage Gateway. At that point, it can be migrated to Amazon Glacier automatically for long term storage purposes on the whole.

On the whole, ArchiverFS comes across as the best of the lot and provides for the much needed support and assistance for various kinds of storage requirements for many thriving and perfectly established businesses across the region which is exactly why it has turned out to be the best of the lot when compared to others.