SEO Tactics to Enhance Your WordPress Website



You will need to adopt a few SEO tactics on your WordPress website, in order to leverage its performance and functionalities. SEO is a route, which if implemented correctly can consistently attract quality prospects towards your website. Moreover, your business establishes a prominent digital presence on the internet.

WordPress itself has great SEO features, but integrating a few aspects can bring excellent results. Below is an effective WP SEO checklist. 

Set 301 redirects

Website domain changes are common with alterations in old URLs. This must never impact your ranking factors, so to maintain it with a new domain, you will need to use 301 redirects. How to install the plugin can be learned from the link –

Users get to know that they can get updated information from the new webpage. 301 redirects ensure that the authority, relevance, and quality links remain intact after the modification in website domain or page URLs. The plugin will allow you to add 301 redirects conveniently.

Integrate Google Analytics and Google search console

The former generates statistical data associated with a website and its traffic. You get a deep insight into the source’s, from where the traffic gets generated. Thus you can concentrate more on those areas for achieving lucrative SEO results. 

Alternatively, Google Search Console works in evaluating your website’s performance and visibility factors. You gain information about keywords and other associated queries, which can help to improve page ranking. 

Proper placement of titles, descriptions, and keywords

Meta tags carry useful information and sustain consistency on every page for search engines to index your site correctly. 

Structure page URLs

The page URLs or permalinks are the specific words or phrases, which visitors enter to seek out the information they need. A well-optimized URL means crawlers can find it easily, and quickly display it the search result page. 

Proper image optimization

Graphics that define the information and purpose creatively are possibly prioritized on searches. You can also link relevant image URLs to keywords. Users enter a best-searched keywords and get links to the hyperlinked graphics. Therefore, image optimization is crucial, which is why you must first create a perfect logo that is consistent on all pages.

Check for broken links

You need to take care of the links, as they are your website’s backbone. You must make it a practice to create accurate and relevant links for the specific URL pages. Check for dead or broken links, as it can hinder traffic from getting diverted towards your site. 

You can also use 301 redirects to divert users to new and updated information. Unlike the broken links or 404 errors, 301 will help in transferring and retaining the page rankings on new pages. Not only will it help in saving the SEO value of old pages, it also helps in maintaining the user experiences on your websites.

Set XML sitemap

An XML sitemap allows search spiders to know what the page is about. You can tell the search engines that your site is updated by creating an XML sitemap. 

The above SEO tactics look challenging, but can offer exclusive results of high page ranking. Apply this SEO Company Ahmedabad checklist to your WordPress site, and achieve high online visibility and business success.