Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting Rectified


Once you are ready to launch a feature-rich website for your business, it becomes a big deal to choose the right type of hosting. Though it depends on the needs, niche and size of your business that which hosting plan will work the best, you are always advised to begin with shared hosting in order to keep your hosting expenses minimum. And once your website starts generating high traffic and enough revenue, it becomes necessary to switch to another hosting plan that is more secure and reliable to keep your website performing its best.

When it comes to upgrading your hosting plan, dedicated server hosting is considered as the best option, especially, if your website is a big one, has outgrown its traffic and requires a high level of security throughout. Dedicated servers provide stability and control that you need for your website.

However, as there are other choices too, like cloud hosting and VPS hosting, you might be confused about choosing dedicated server hosting. And the commonly spread myths about dedicated server hosting might be making the selection process more complicated for you. To help you make an informed decision about choosing ssd dedicated server hosting, here we have rectified the myths about dedicated server hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting is costlier

There is a difference between costly and cost-effective. No matter how much a hosting plan costs you, it will be considered as cost-effective if the features provided are worth that price. It will not be considered as costly or expensive as you are getting what you have paid for.

Rather than considering the price only, you should also consider the features provided by the hosting plan. Then only you will get to know if it is cost-effective for your business or not. As far as dedicated server hosting is concerned, it is cost-effective because of the features it provides.

  • Dedicated servers may be unreliable at times

When it comes to hosting, neighbour effect is one of the main things which can affect the performance of your website. But, with dedicated hosting, you don’t need to worry about it as dedicated servers provide you with the resources which are exclusively for your use. Also, there will be no issue of soft resource limits that you may experience with the unlimited plans on shared servers.

  • Dedicated servers don’t provide enough support

It totally depends on the service provider and the plan you have chosen what kind of and how much support you will get. Obviously, you will need to compromise on support if you are trying to cut corners by choosing free web hosting plans. When you hire a reputed hosting company for your hosting needs and choose the right plan, they will definitely provide you with the required support. It may be through phone, live chat, email or any other way of communication. Let us remind you that reputed companies are always concerned about their clients and provide them with timely technical support.

  • You need to be an expert for using dedicated server hosting

That’s not the case. You can choose the type of managed support you need from your hosting provider. Right from basic monitoring, to upgrades and then to security patches, you can seek all kind of support from the hosting company depending on your needs. Having basic knowledge about the server and their working will be a plus point as it will let you check if you are getting services worth the price you have paid or not. However, you don’t need an expert for using dedicated server hosting.

  • Dedicated servers are not secure

Well, security issues can arise with all kinds of hosting unless you have taken advanced security measures. So, you can blame the dedicated servers for not being secure. The security depends on how you or your service provider configure the server, how you give the permissions and whether your hosting provider has taken protective measures to keep the spammers, hackers and other malicious activities at bay.

  • Dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting are same

In dedicated hosting, you will have access to all the resources and you can configure the hosting environment as per your requirements. On the other hand, in VPS hosting, the resources are split among different websites or hosting accounts and there are chances that you will be restricted from using the particular resources depending on the availability.

Hosting is a kind of home for your website. So, it is essential to choose the right hosting company as well as a hosting plan for your website. And if your website is experiencing more traffic and you are thinking to upgrade its hosting to dedicated server hosting, the above-mentioned myths and their rectification might have proven to be useful for you as it will help you to make an informed decision.