The Power of the Tablet: How It Can Propel Your Business Forward


If you’ve only ever thought of a tablet as a device for playing games and reading books, then think again. Tablets have the potential to automate functions, ease workloads, and generally improve the way we do business. To the small business owner, using a tablet in your shop can be a revolutionary move.

Many business functions can be done with most tablet models. The only thing you’ll need is to hire proficient workers and to keep your tablet in top shape. No need to worry about repairs as tablet repair services are available in many shops in Salt Lake City and other urban centers. Here’s how you can optimize your business with a handy tablet.

Modernize your POS system

A mobile point-of-sale (POS) system performs faster, is easier to maintain, and consumes a lot less space than its bulky predecessors. With a tablet as your POS, you can speed up purchases by generating QR codes for cashless payments.

With wireless and cloud capabilities, you can also keep track and review your sales records anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate to make reports

There are countless third-party applications available in many tablet’s built-in digital stores that can help you prepare for pitches. Use these apps to collect and interpret figures from databases and reports and turn these details into easy-to-understand data visualizations for your next presentation.

Not working alone? Then work seamlessly while collaborating with colleagues through the cloud. Synchronize progress, review and revert edits, and practice your pitch through cloud-based teleconferencing platforms.

Receive and sign documents

If you’re always on the go, hauling a tablet in hand is like bringing your entire desk with you. Send and receive legal documents or read progress reports during your commutes. Sign on the dotted line, annotate collaborative documents, and scan handwritten notes to turn them into digital copies ready for dissemination and consumption. You can also encrypt access and assign administrator roles for your most classified documents.

Present your digital portfolio

If you’re a professional creative, then you’d already know your tablet is one of your greatest assets. Beyond intuitive graphic design applications and digital writing and blogging platforms, your tablet also serves as the perfect place to build your portfolio.

Forget about bringing your entire sketches, blueprints, or manuscripts with you. Collate all your greatest works in a digital portfolio you can present to clients on the fly.

Supplement your supply chain

Being able to track your inventory and other assets from the comforts of your tablets would mean peace of mind for business managers, supply chain directors, and logistics operators.

With a cloud-activated application, you can update inventory databases, monitor production, automate shipping and tracking, track deliveries via GPS positioning, and procure signatures or scan barcodes. From dealing with the manufacturer to the supplier and serving the customer, your tablet has you covered.

Process payrolls and invoices

While your finance department’s in-house accountant is busy crunching the numbers, somewhere else, a tablet-based application is doing all the work. Use the tablet to process payrolls, including earnings, invoices, deductions, and timesheets, and submit them ahead of deadlines and bank holidays. With the right app on your tablet, you can also track employee information and payroll reports, which is especially helpful for small businesses that are still scaling up.

The abilities of your mobile tablet are limitless. Explore the digital marketplace, consider cloud-based solutions, and you’ll see an uptick in employee performance, customer satisfaction, and overall profit in your business.