PHP Development: The Core of Web Designing 


The World Wide Web is an integrated and complex entity, which comprises over million sites and pages. Ever wondered the various web pages that you visit every day are created? Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the internet or the intranet. Web development varieties from the creation of a simple user-friendly page to the development of a complex mobile application. Also referred to as web engineering, it is a growing industry. With more and more businesses seeking a counterpart in the cyberspace and people increasingly interacting through and with the internet, wed development has become a crucial need of the hour. 

The most essential component that is required to initiate web development is PHP preprocessor. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the financial year of 1994, and is primarily a programming language which helps in the aspect of web designing. The PHP language evolved without a written formal specification or standard until 2014. Over 60% of the web sites use PHP as a core ingredient says reports as of September 2019.

A Software Development Company that designs web-based applications also uses PHP for coding and programming. However, PHP is a dynamic application which can be utilized for other purposes as well. Being a scripting language, it can be adapted into any coding, which is object-oriented, that is executed at the server end. 


PHP Development Company focus on building a dynamic database-driven and high-performance enterprise web system. Their primary goal is to develop PHP frameworks for various contexts. The commercialization of the web has resulted in the rise of a number of PHP Developers, enabling the decentralization of information and media distribution. This is the primary objective of a Laravel Development Company

Web development tools are provided by various web developers that can be used in different combinations to obtain the desired outcome of web development. 

There are two broad divisions of web development:

  • Front end or the Client-side

Refers to designing and constructing what users see when they load the web site. Interaction and security are important factors at this end. 

  • The back end or the Server-side

Deals with the controls involved in behind the scenes functioning of the web page. The performance of the front end is dependent on the back end.  The two ends integrate to form a holistic set-up for the web site functioning.