Reasons Why you need to protect your Devices from Malware and Viruses


Internet is a useful yet dangerous place to be on, especially when you have not taken any prior precautions or necessary measures. As the rate at which cyber crime is increasing is high, it has become a must to keep all your devices safe and secured. An unprotected device is open and vulnerable to various dangerous threats from the internet. An anti-virus software is a must as it will protect your device and keep malware and viruses at bay. Here are some of the important reasons why you need to protect your device:

  • Protection against Identity theft and Spyware- Spyware are software designed to keep a track of your search history and other activities. These spyware also collect your personal information, passwords, financial data, credit and debit card information, social security numbers, etc on your devices. An anti-virus protection will help you in keeping such sensitive information and your data safe from these spyware.
  • Keeping away Malware and Viruses- The most common and well aware computer threat among people is malware and virus threat. These malware have the ability to totally damage your computer software and compromise your device’s safety. They enter your device through spam links, e-mail scams, or unknown files you download from the internet that is falsely presented to you. Hence, malware prevention is a must and foremost thing you should install in your devices to keep them safe and functioning.
  • Scanning Data- When you want to download a certain file from the internet but are unsure if it is safe, an anti-virus can be very useful. You do not need to directly open the file and use the malware protection in your device to scan the required file first before actually downloading it. The anti-virus software will scan and detect any potential threat in the file and will prevent any virus from spreading and damaging your computer.
  • Blocks unauthorized connections- A malware prevention software will be useful in blocking unwanted incoming connections. It will keep your computer and network safe from hackers and any dangerous malware. It will also not allow hackers to dig into your files and prevent them from stealing your data or any personal information.

Hence, as mentioned above, malware prevention and anti-virus software are very essential if you want to keep your devices safe and functioning well.