What are the pros and cons of starting a computer repair business?


Computers like every other electronic device gets faulty. This is why this can be turned into an opportunity to provide someone with value. You can help people with repairing the computers and charging them with some amount.

If you have some technical understanding of how computers work and access to some equipment, then you are in the right position to start a computer repair business. However, according to Foveaux, you need to understand the pros and cons of starting a computer repair business before taking any step. Here you can have a look:


  • The basic investment required by this business is minimum. There is no need to hire professionals you need to pay if you already have some technical knowledge. You already will have access to the expertise that is required to make money.
  • There is room for expansion and improvement in this business as told by Lavanda Restaurant. There will always be a wide range of customers that would need your help. Computers are prone to faults and this is why you can generate good profits.
  • This business is a flexible one. You can even work as a part-time businessman in order to develop profits. Once you have built up a good customer base, then you can pursue it as a full time business.
  • If you establish good contractual settlements with small businesses, then it can provide as a strong foundation for your computer repair business. They will need you all the time and moreover they can even refer you to other businessmen. This how you can network in a better way.
  • Finally, there is a good profit margin within this business. Therefore, you can pursue this business as a serious venture in order to establish a good fortune.


  • Even though technical knowledge is the foundational skill that you would need, this is not the only thing required according to Illumirun. In order to run a successful business, you need to have good business acumen as well. You need to understand the transactional world as well to get a better idea.
  • Also, according to Moreton Bay Computer Repairs, marketing the business can be an expensive thing to do. Initial investment might be low but in order to expand the business, you need to market them to more customers. This can be an expensive operation to embark on.
  • There are some other requirements as well that you need to comply with. You will most probably need a business license to operate. Moreover, sometimes you would need insurance to enter houses of your customers and get the work done. This all requires you to comply with multiple formalities.
  • You would come across different clients that would require you to be certified with certain institutions. This would require you to get qualified. It is always a better option to get some networking certificates not only to get better in terms of quality but also get better reputation with the market. Therefore, consider these factors before starting a computer repair business.