Top Reasons To Use An Enterprise Whatsapp


Technology innovation has brought a significant change in communication. For businesses, irrespective of their sizes, it led to the shift in the communication landscape as more and more consumer messaging apps are emerging.

Today, with the generation of information and data seems endless, employees choose to adopt messaging apps conveniently and quickly accessible using mobile devices at hand. Employees are becoming more reliant on messaging chat apps as it can seamlessly blend in the daily workflow, especially with younger customers who are on messaging apps more often.

It allows employees to engage and stay in touch with their clients in real-time and benefit from continuing the conversation thread for both parties as they see fit.

The leading messaging app that is prevalent in various workplaces is WhatsApp. This mobile channel seemingly replaces conventional means of sending information via text messages with a staggering 1.5 billion users worldwide that quickly gained ground in the business world.

However, this mobile chat apps’ downside is the lack of encryption mechanisms that may pose security risks and the potential risk of sharing confidential information externally. Some companies even banned the use of WhatsApp outright.

Additionally, there are numerous regulatory and legal risks associated with using this tool. It can be a significant challenge for companies when it comes to whatsapp archiving resulting in the immediate need for adequate data archiving.

Luckily, TeleMessage can address such complex issues with its text messaging archiving solutions. It can capture and retain messages effectively and archive WhatsApp messages while considering the compliance regulations and requirements.

For more detailed information, click this infographic from TeleMessage that discusses some of the reasons companies should archive WhatsApp messages in your business today using an enterprise instant messaging archiving solution.