Why You Need an Ecommerce Payment Solution


The main reason for operating your business online is to reach more clients. This is achieved through power of the internet, using what is known as ecommerce. The use of an ecommerce business solution is not easy as some individuals perceive. So, there is a need for a merchant and e-shoppers to understand how they can use ecommerce business solutions.

If you are involved in ecommerce, apart from just building a website, you need to come up with strategies on how you can promote and market your products and services to your targeted customers. This can be done by using ecommerce payment solution. Moona is one of the ecommerce payment solutions that are known for providing excellent shopping experience to e-shoppers.

Ecommerce Payment Solution Simplifies Payment Process

A good number of e-shoppers have been complaining about complicated navigation and the whole payment process. Other customers are not always happy with the fact that they cannot complete their orders without going through different pages. An excellent payment solutions should be responsible for simplifying the payment and checkout process. Moreover, the ecommerce payment solutions ought to implement e-shoppers’ phone numbers on their website.

Above everything, the ecommerce business solution’s primary purpose is making the payment process as simple as possible to enhance e-shopper satisfaction. E-shoppers are always interested in getting a reliable payment solution, where they can send money to get their products and services. If you are starting an ecommerce business, you need a full-fledged merchants accounts that is more than your price range. So, using a simple service like Moona makes it possible for your clients to use credit cards to pay you for your services and products.

Ecommerce Payment Solutions Assist You to understand your clients

When using ecommerce payment solutions, like Moon, the thumb of rule is know and understand clients. If you do not know anything about your targeted clients, it becomes difficult to have the necessary knowledge that can be used to enhance the target market’s sales process. As a result, your clients will leave your website because of lack of value and relevance. So, having the right audience when an ecommerce business solution is being implemented.

Why Moona

Moona is a UK payment solution that offers £5 discounts to e-shoppers at each order and at no cost for merchants. The advantages of using Moona:

  • Way bigger carts: getting a discount on every order means customers are willing to add more to their carts and come back more often
  • 100% free solution with no payment fees: as moona.com is a model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, the solution is currently 100% free for all merchants.