Design and other specifications of OnePlus 8 Pro


OnePlus has many competitors and one of them is Apple. Apple has launched many iPhones in the market and now OnePlus is also doing the same thing. The attest mobile launched by the company is OnePlus 8 Pro, which is being liked by the people because of its design and performance and so many people want to buy OnePlus 8 pro. OnePlus has launched many mobiles in the market with very good design. OnePlus 7T comes with circular camera, which is a unique feature. OnePlus 6 has the rear camera in the center. The design of OnePlus 8 Pro mobile is based on the design of OnePlus 7T. The mobile is available in three colors, which are ultramarine blue, black, and glacial green.

Screen and camera of the mobile

The screen of the mobile is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 though Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is also available but the company has not used it. People need to hold the phone very carefully as it is very slippery. AMOLED screen with the eight of 6.78 inches is present in the mobile.

The edges of the camera are sharp though in most of the phones, the edges of the camera are curved. The camera present in the mobile is punch hole one instead of pop out one. This is the reason that the phone has got IP68 rating. When anything is viewed in full screen, there are some distractions. People can remove this distraction by hiding the front camera and in this way; they can change the resolution of the video. Since the mobile is very tall so using i with a single hand might be a bit of problem but when people get used to it, they can handle the mobile with one hand. The weight of the mobile is also around 200 grams but still, people can handle it easily.

Other components

Alert slider is available on the right side of the mobile. Along with the slider, people can also find power/standby button. The volume button is available on the left side, which people can use to control the volume of songs, movies, games etc. SIM slots, USB, and speaker grille are available at the bottom of the mobile.

Other specifications

The screen present in the mobile is 6.78 inches tall and it has the resolution of 1440 x 3168 pixels. The screen has the technology of Fluid AMOLED. The chipset used in the mobile is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and graphics processing unit is Adreno 650 The chipset and the GPU has made the processing speed of the phone very fast.

RAM present in the mobile is of 8GB and this is another reason for the fast performance of the mobile. The internal storage of the mobile is 128 GB and people cannot use external memory, as no card slot is available in the mobile.

The mobile comes with a powerful battery of 4510mAh and it has the power to get charged rapidly.

Wrapping Up

The design of the mobile is very good and it is available in in three different beautiful colors. The features and specifications off the mobile are excellent and that is the reason that people are purchasing the mobile.