How To Earn Basic Attention Tokens Using Brave



Now, Infrastructure of BAT tokens is increasing and running. You can also make money by earning free Bat tokens. You can easily earn free bitcoin from many platforms. You don’t need to quit your job just spend some hours using the platform. There are a number of methods with which you can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards in the Brave browser. 

Here are some tips that can be helpful for you. 

Turn on both Ads and Brave Rewards

If you want to earn more then you can view Brave ads. These ads are based on your interests and the ones that are most searched on your browser. So, go to the browser settings and enable the Brave Rewards tab. Then you can see ads. 

Adjust OS system setting and change your location

You can’t see native ads everywhere because they are not available for all locations. You can change the regional setting and change your location by spoofing to use VPN. After changing Your OS Region, IP address, and OS Regional format, you will be able to access ads. 

Turn on OS notification settings

Sometimes all the things are in correct way but you might have turned off the notifications. Then you need to go to system setting and turn on the notification setting and check if notifications are coming from Brave, Apps and other senders. 

 Adjust the user account settings

Go to the system settings and change the user account settings. 

Browse and Earn

You can see adds on the browser, but not all the ads that offer BAT tokens are standard webpage ads. You can block these ads by using Brave’s ad blocker. See only those ads that are less harmful. 

Convert into cash 

Mostly, BAT tokens are used to support websites, not for making money. But you can exchange your BAT in the currency. Just click on the withdraw funds icon and convert your BAT tokens.