How To Structure An Effective Presentation For A Customer


When we have to present the value proposition of our products or services to a customer and sell our ideas, We try to arm ourselves with all possible information so as not to leave any front uncovered that may be compatible with the needs of our interlocutor.

But the truth is that listening time is generally limited, and we have to optimize our presence to the maximum so that it meets the two main objectives of a first presentation: arouse interest and create a meeting point.

Structure Of An Effective Presentation For A Client

Problem Presentation

Your presentation should start and end with the same level of strength just as when you are doing a ppt design [desain pptwhich is the term in Indonesia]. To begin your presentation, we recommend that you present a fact or a trend that may be of high impact for your client that is directly related to your sector, and that may generate a latent problem or need.

In this part, when we tend to be a bit negative or dramatic, we must take care not to make judgments or direct criticisms of the management of our partner company, but if we can call attention to the sector in general, to arouse some concern and interest.


The solution must be specified. We have to demonstrate to our client every one of the benefits and positive changes that the acquisition of our products and services implies. The promise has to be real; we cannot fall into mentioning benefits that we are not sure we can achieve or fulfill.

Some experts recommend at this point to play a little with expectations, promise less than we can achieve, and then reward with amazing work. But this is on the part of everyone; in the competitive market, it is always better to give everything until we get the trust of our client and then dedicate ourselves to comply.