The Mouse that is Perfect for Gaming


Gamers generally choose their mouse according to their favorite games. Thus, the gaming mouse for MOBA should be compact and light, that for FPS should have a sensitive sensor while that MMORPG should have more buttons than normal. Know that there are versatile models on the market with criteria that we have seen above. You can also consult our selection of the Best and the Lightest mouse for Gaming here.

Determine his needs according to the gamer’s profile

Before buying a PC mouse, you need to ask yourself what use you are going to make of it. Indeed, we will move towards a model according to the games of predilections to which we are accustomed. However, FPS gamers will need an extremely precise sensor that can transcribe fast movements on the screen while those playing MMORPG styles will particularly appreciate the presence of shortcuts and macros.

In addition, if some gamers like the freedom and space offered by wireless, others are afraid of seeing the battery run out and fall flat during a game. The vice president of the Razer group is enthusiastic about the future of wireless in the e-sports sector and also praises the merits of this type of gaming mouse, which in his opinion offers the same level than wired models. Conversely, the marketing director of the Corsair group thinks that wired models are more efficient and reliable than wireless models.

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Gamer mouse buttons

Compared to the number of buttons, it is the MMO mouse that have the most. Having 10 to 18 buttons, this type of mouse allows you to have a multitude of shortcuts on hand and therefore free up keyboard space. However, keep in mind that the more buttons there are, the smaller and closer they are to each other. Thus, the kind of mouse intended for MMO as well as for MMORPG requires more time of adaptation than the others. Concerning the mouse for MMORPG, they have most of the time a left slice integrating 12 buttons usable thanks to the thumb.

Gaming mouse ergonomics

When you’re an MMO fan, you usually play for hours and hours. Thus, in order to avoid exhaustion and fatigue, ergonomics as well as comfort are two essential aspects which must be taken into account when choosing the right mouse. Finally, be aware that MMO mouse are larger than average.

Don’t forget the features and performance

Another important point for an MMO mouse: the quality of its software. Indeed, the latter must be intuitive and complete. In addition, it is essential to have the possibility of managing profiles, the configuration of buttons in order to configure macros and shortcuts. Unlike the FPS style, the performance of the sensor turns out to be less essential than that of MMOs. Indeed, no need to cross 3000 DPI. Nowadays, most gaming mouse offer a sensitivity setting.

Why choose a gaming mouse for an FPS?

The FPS is a kind of games where it is possible to gain in milliseconds of latency, essentially when one plays online with the appearance of lags of connections coming from a poor quality wifi reception. Finally, note that the speed of communication of a gaming mouse has a refresh rate of 1 ms while a conventional mouse has a rate between 2 and 3 ms.